Islamabad Bar Association elections to be held on January 29

ISLAMABAD   –   Executive Committee of the Islamabad Bar Council (IBC) has unanimously decided to postpone the annual elections of the Islamabad District Bar Association (IBA) till January 29. The IBA polls of 2022-23 were cancelled earlier due to certain administrative irregularities and this happened for the first time in its 42-year long electoral history.  

On January 8, Chairman of the Election Board Naseem Abbasi cancelled the IBA’s elections in the middle of the day when voters were busy casting their votes after witnessing massive violations of the electoral standard operating procedures and rules. 

The Chairman had set the next date of elections for January 11. However, the IBC intervened and postponed the elections citing the reason that “The President Islamabad Bar Association formed the Election Board in violation of the rules and regulations of Pakistan Legal Practitioners and Bar Council” which was declared null and void. 

The Council was surprised to note that neither the Bar President nor the Bar members knew the rules, responsibilities, and mandate of the Election Board. 

The Council has appointed Former President IBA Advocate Raja Ishtiaq as administrator of the Bar while Advocate Syed Mujtaba Haider Shirazi has been appointed as Chairman Election Board. The board members include Advocate Sheikh Khizar Ul-Rasheed, Advocate Haseeb Muhammad Chaudhry, Advocate Zafar Khokhar, and Advocate Chaudhry Khanzada. 

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