NEPRA reduces electricity price by 76 paisas for K-Electric consumers

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has reduced the price of electricity by 76 paisas per unit for K-Electric consumers.

NEPRA has reduced the price of electricity for K-Electric consumers by Rs0.76 per unit. It has also issued notification of reduction in electricity tariff.

According to the notification, the reduction in electricity prices was made in the context of the fuel adjustment of November 2021. Electric consumers will get relief from the reduction in February 2022 cables.

Earlier on Tuesday, the government was preparing to increase the basic tariff of electricity by 95 paisas as per the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

According to sources, on consumption of 100 units of electricity, per unit 8 paisas increase is suggested while using 101 to 200 units, a hike of 18 paisas per unit has been recommended.

On consuming upto 300 units, the suggested increase will be 48 paisas per unit while utilizing 301 to 700 units, the per unit 95 paisas raise has been suggested.

The document further recommended to end the overall subsidy of Rs20 billion.

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