PML-N ready to take ‘deal’ but of its own choice

ISLAMABAD   –  The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is ready to get ‘deal’ but of its own choice, this is what The Nation learnt during background discussions with PML-N leaders yesterday.  

“Anything less than the early elections would be a non-option for our party”, a senior parliamentarian claimed, adding; “We want the government but through early elections not by ‘in house’ change alone just for the remaining term”.

Responding to a claim made by Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, he said the revelation has no substance as leaving party leadership at this stage would be a blunder by any politician.

“Who will be such insane and unwise to betray the party when it is gaining momentum by winning one after another by-election”, he said dispelling the impression of rift within party.         

It is pertinent to mention here that Fawad Chaudhry on Monday had claimed that at least four leaders of PML-N had gone to meet and tell someone important in ‘decision making’ process that they should be considered if their party supremo did not suit them.   

Having contacts with the establishment is no secret in Pakistani politics but having a ‘final deal’ is another thing, however, the events and happenings in last few months clearly indicate that if there is no deal reached yet then there must be at least a ‘dheel’ — the relaxation.  

On the other side, there is a visible unrest in the ranks of ruling party, which remained pampered by the same establishment under the ‘single page strategy’ in early years of the incumbent government, having controlled media, screwed opposition and having a lot of ambitions.

Those who proudly claimed the patronage of big brothers in private circles are now complaining of their increasing contacts with the opposition especially with their arch rival PML-N.   

On the other side, yesterday’s statement of Maryam Nawaz in which she said fall of the PTI government is a ‘matter of days’ further fuels the already charged situation.

However, concerned people believe that PML-N is mulling for an ‘in house’ change for which it remained reluctant in past as it is the instant remedy available to get rid of Prime Minister Imran Khan but it would be linked with a commitment of early elections by the powerful circles.

However, it is too early to say that the establishment has reached the conclusion as the dual thoughts are quite visible in the policies of the centre of power.

On the other side, political commentators believed that Prime Minister Imran Khan has his own but limited options, which he can exercise where and whenever he will feel ‘alone’.

“He is the man, who usually never gives up easily”, a senior analyst told, adding; “He has the power to dissolve the assemblies but he will not do that as it is not in his favour.”

He also said the best option suits the premier is to take the decision much earlier, which otherwise he has to take at the end of this year.  

He, however, advised and clarified that the decision must be well-conceived as the adventures have their own consequences.

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