Pakistan’s per capita income rises to US$1666: Asad Umar

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar said that he was proud to be a part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s team who has nabbed top mafias in the country.

Speaking during a presser in Faisalabad, the federal minister said that the last year witnessed the second-fastest growth in the country and had led to an increase in the per capita income of Pakistanis by US$200 to US$1666.

He shared that last year saw a record wheat and potatoes production that stood at 27.5 million tons and 5.9 million tonnes [against a target of 4.3 million tonnes] respectively.

“Large scale manufacturing has witnessed a massive growth by one percent,” he said and added that the increase in demand in urea was also owing to an increase in its use for harvest.

“Education and IT sector have seen a rapid growth while the prime minister has yesterday announced policy for small industries that is a key sector for creating job opportunities,” he said while sharing details on economic growth.

Asad Umar said that there was no doubt over rising inflation in the country, however, it is linked with inflationary trends globally.

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