Throwball, basketball, taekwondo events held in Students Olympic Games

LAHORE – The competitions of throwball, basketball, taekwondo and tug-of-war were played on the fifth day of the 5th Students Olympic Games 2022 at Karachi. In tug-of-war O Level boys, Wahaj Hussain claimed first position while Veritas School second and City GCA Gulshan Campus A third. In tug-of-war A Level boys, Nasra School grabbed first, Whales College second and City PAF Chapter third position. In tug-of-war O Level girls, Wahaj Hussain earned first and Fatmiyah School second position. In taekwondo girls -25 category, Sabheen was first, Habib Girls School second and Zahera Fatima School third. In girls -30 category, UME Hani Fatima’s School finished first, Qarat Habib Girls School second, Yusra Wahaj School third and Huda Wahaj School fourth. In O-Level boys basketball final, TCS-PAF beat Wahaj School 18-12. In A-Level boys basketball final, TCS-PAF beat Whales College 25-11. In throwball O Level girls, Shahwilayat Campus-1 beat Beacon Light Academy 2-0, Wahaj Hussain School beat Beacon Light Academy 2-0, Shahwilayat Campus-1 beat DHACSS 2-0, Shahwilayat Campus-1 beat Wahaj Hussain 2-0, Shahwilayat Campus-1 beat Fatmiyah 2-0, DHACSS beat Beacon Light Academy 2-0, DHACSS beat Famtiyah 2-0, Wahaj Hussain beat Fatmiyah 2-0, Fatmiyah beat Beacon Little 2-0, DHACSS beat Wahaj Hussain 2-0, Shahwilayat Campus 2 beat Vartious 2-0, City DK beat MSB School 2-0, City DK beat Lady Bird 2-0, Headstart beat MSB School 2-0, Headstart beat City DK 2-1 and Headstart beat Lady Bird 2-0. 

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