‘Tu Jhoom’ plagiarism case against Xulfi: Singer to accept ‘whatever court decides’

Nirmala Maghani, who claims to have the original rights to Coke Studio season 14 track ‘Tu Jhoom’ maintains that she does not want money out of the lawsuit.

The song, which is sung by Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal for the first episode of the popular show, has come under target after Nirmala accused Xulfi, the composer of the song, of plagiarising her melody.  

Nirmala claims to have sent the song’s tune to Xulfi back in June 2021 in the hope to get her big break. Xulfi, who at that time was unresponsive suddenly came up with the same track one year later for Coke Studio.

Xulfi on the contrary denies all such claims in a written statement with Express Tribune.

“I produce and collaborate in the spirit of inclusivity and my work with Coke Studio holds the same philosophy,” he began.

“I am grateful and humbled to receive many talented artists’ requests for collaboration from all over Pakistan, as have many producers before me. However, I can’t say my work for CS borrowed from such shared samples I received,” he said.

“I do hope to have the fortune of listening to Nirmala Manghani’s songs in person and to possibly come together for collaboration ahead: our young brilliant artists across Pakistan are our future,” concluded the statement.

In a follow-up statement, Xulfi added: “My work is not borrowed or without credit, given that what I share with the world is work that relies on the very essence of partnership and collaboration. I hope this to be evident in my entire body of work produced in my career.”

Meanwhile, Nirmala, who has garnered support from many amid her plagiarism claims, says that she will accept whatever the law decides after a fair trial. 

“I will accept whatever the court decides,” she said.

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