Sindh protests against Centre for neglecting schemes

KARACHI – The Sindh government has strongly protested against the federal government for neglecting federal development schemes. Provincial Environment Minister Ismail Rahu in his statement in this regard said on Saturday that Imran Khan Government had made a dark history of injustice with Sindh.


The highest revenue earning province has been deprived of development schemes. Let the PTI Government explain why Sindh has been given less development schemes than Punjab and KPK. Ismail Rahu further said that Rs24.33 billion was released to Punjab for development schemes. KPK was given Rs13.18 billion for development works, compared to other provinces of Sindh, the lowest amount of Rs5.70 billion has been released. The provincial environment minister said that the selected government has deprived Sindh of gas, water, electricity, NFC as well as development schemes. He said that Niazi Sahib should have ruled the state of Madinah with justice and not with the murder of justice. PTI, GDA and MQM asked where were the development schemes of Sindh? Instead of giving the money of development schemes to the Sindh government, the selected people gave it to the federal institutions. The provincial minister said that Imran government should distribute development funds in a fair manner? Provincial minister demanded that the federal government should distribute development funds fairly and give a fair share to Sindh like other provinces.

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