Culture of taking law into own hands won’t be allowed to continue: Tahir Ashrafi



Special Representative to Prime Minister on Religious Harmony Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi said that the victim—who was tortured to death in Mian Channu on accusation of burning the Holy Quran—was not mentally sound and had been suffering from a mental illness for around 15 years.

“When someone commits a crime, there are institutions—such as the police, courts and other administrative bodies—in place to deal with them,” the PM’s advisor said, adding that the culture of being ‘judge, jury and executioner’ could no longer continue. Addressing a press conference in Khanewal, he called on the Chief Justice of Pakistan to conduct speedy trials of blasphemy cases.

Ashrafi said that PM Imran was monitoring the case, adding that no one should think of ‘running the country as per their own desires’. He also told the media that the process of arresting the suspects was underway and said that the prime minister would take action in case there was any negligence.

The PM’s aide said that Ulema would meet the heirs of the deceased, adding that all Islamic scholars were of the view that no person possessed the right to kill another. “The legal route should be adopted to lodge complaints instead of resorting to vigilante justice,” he said, adding that such actions were against the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).


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