VOP signs MoU with Career Clothing to provide personal grooming services

LAHORE – In a formal ceremony held at Alhamra Lahore, Voice of Punjab (VOP) signed a memorandum of understanding with Career Clothing here. The MoU was signed between Project Director VOP and Founder Career Clothing Enem Ali Abbas and Co-Founder Career Clothing, Mohsin Mumtaz.
Speaking at the occasion, Project Director VOP expressed that there are young graduates out there who are in their struggling phase. Since, we are the fifth youngest nation in the world, our population bulge is constituted of young minds. We do not take them as a challenge but as an opportunity. But, this potential of youth would only be unleashed by making joint efforts, he said.
“I know so many young graduates, really bright and talented graduates who are called for interviews but they do not have formal clothes to wear to suit the occasion. We do not have any kind of talent shortage. Our youth icons have made it to international news numerous times. It’s a dilemma but we often fail to make a lasting impression during interviews. No matter how absurd it sounds but an employer doesn’t rate the resume or expertise only during the first interaction, he also gauges how does a candidate carry himself?”, Enem added. Same happens for presentations at university level. Personality grooming is essential for career growth, at least to have a flying start. It does sound superficial but in marketing, it’s all about the packaging and presentation of a product – That’s how you position your brands.
Co-Founder Career Clothing, Mohsin Mumtaz said, “CC was conceived with an aim to provide rent-free formal clothes for business meetings, interviews and conferences to a small circle of people. By venturing into an MoU with VOP, Career Clothing shall also provide rent free formal clothes to young students soon. We shall only be charging dry cleaning cost and nothing else”, Mohsin added.
People are taking bridal dresses on rent already. In the West, people do not spend hefty amounts on buying a tuxedo for a one-day use. This is smart domestic budgeting, there should be no shame in it, he concluded.

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