Power theft

Wire hooking for electricity and not paying bills on time is one of the major causes of electricity consumption or less production of electricity in the country. The Imran Khan government took action against this crime after the PTI came into the government.

However, after one year of that action, the government is still unable to control the wire hookers just because the wire hookers said that they are poor and the taxes per unit are increasing due to which they have to pay the bill in thousands of rupees, which is difficult for them. The impact of this, however, is that then there is load shedding in vulnerable areas, especially in rural areas due to the wire hookers.

The innocent people protest against the government that they are not being provided electricity while they pay their electricity bill on time. As a result of that, people who pay their bills on time are resorting to wire hooking and this number is increasing day by day.

The government should reduce heavy taxes per unit, arrest groups of people involved in wire hooking and bring new strict laws against those who are not paying their electricity bills on time.



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