Prince Charles, William’s ‘days are numbered’: ‘Monarchy is the Queen’

LONDON – Anti-monarchists warn Prince Charles and Prince William’s ‘days are numbered’ in the Royal Family.
The CEO of Republic, Graham Smith, has made this claim, adding how Prince William and Prince Charles lacking’s are ‘blatantly obvious’ and will allegedly spell the end of the entire monarchy.
He made this admission during one of his interviews with Express UK Saturday and was quoted saying, “Charles and William they just don’t come across in the same way as the Queen at all.
There’s nothing that people have been excited about.”
Mainly because people still see “the Queen as the monarchy and the monarchy as the Queen.”
He also went on to allege, “I think that the monarchy’s days are numbered. It’s just a matter of when rather than if because it has survived this long because of the Queen.”
“I think that modern values, people’s values, are just not in sync with what the monarchy is anymore. I think that younger generations have already turned against it in quite significant numbers.”

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