Bilawal dares PM to dissolve assembly, face PPP in fresh elections

HALA/KARACHI – Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday warned Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign and dissolve the National Assembly for holding transparent, free and fair elections. Otherwise, he said, Imran Khan will not be able to stop his Jiyalas; a term used foe PPP workers. He said that enough is enough and the people of Pakistan are not ready to tolerate him anymore.

Bilawal stated this addressing the participants of the ‘Awami Long March’ at Hala. The PP leader said that this is the only second day of Awami march and Imran is worried and addressing the nation.

“If Imran is not coward than he should dissolve the assembly and face the PPP in the fresh elections. Imran will not do this because he is a coward. Imran cannot go to the people in elections because he has unleashed tyranny and injustice against people during last three and a half years and people will hold him accountable, he added.

He also said that PM Imran Khan called everyone a thief but he himself proved a thief of sugar, flour, gas, water etc. Imran is such a coward that he cannot tolerate the criticism by the media.

President Zardari and the PPP had to suffer the worst kind of character assassination but President Zardari kept smiling whereas Imran is arresting journalists and torturing them.

Imran Khan has sent his federal ministers to run a campaign against the PPP but salute to the people of Sindh who have rejected these clowns. The people recognise the faces that have been hosting Imran’s jesters and will not pardon these facilitators of Imran Khan in elections. The PPP will realise the dream of the founders of the PPP. Able representatives of the people will be elected in transparent elections and will serve the people, he said.

PPP Chairman says tricky announcement of reduction in electricity tariff, fuel prices ‘success of Awami Long March’ , Claims Imran Khan addressed nation in worry

Imran sent federal ministers to run anti-PPP campaign but people of Sindh rejected them: Bilawal

Meanwhile, Bilawal House Spokesperson late Monday said that the public luring tactic by the selected Prime Minister Imran Khan with regard to slashing the already unbearable POL and power prices have manifested an utmost humiliation to the puppet himself.


The tricky announcement of slashing the POL and power prices by the selected government led by PTI is the immediate manifest of success of the “Awami (people’s) Long March led by the most dynamic leader and Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

In the statement, the spokesperson Bilawal House, said in response to Imran Khan’s speech that the People’s March led by PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has compelled the selected puppet PM to come down and today, he was seen doing so with sheer tactic of face saving but to no avail. The puppet regime increased the PoL prices by Rs 70 in three years and reduced only Rs10, which is unacceptable.

The selected PM has been compelled to slash the POL and Power amid the escalating immense political pressure of the People’s March, he asserted.

The spokesperson said that Imran Khan’s speech was a bundle of fake news, with which he has broken the record of all of his previous speeches that were bundle of jokes and lies, too. He said that Imran Khan’s speech would prove to be his last one to the nation, because he is also convinced that his days have already been numbered.

The spokesman said that during the entire speech, the puppet PM Imran Khan’s body language portrayed a person who has been defeated and as a tradition, he has no other choice except to go back to the pavilion. He pointed out that instead of giving relief to the people due to inflation, the selected PM even today gave consolations far away from ground realities. The PM is completely senseless as what country’s youth, labourers, working class, small traders and farmers need today but he kept on dwelling on false promises which he will never honour as usual.


He said that the announcements made in his speech were similar to fraudulent and deceptive as was the Karachi Development Package to the tune of Rs1100 billion.


While showing his strong reaction, he criticised the selected PM at full length and said it was surprising that the departing selected didn’t even take names of country’s women in his speech which showed his inner abhorrence for them.

He said that failure to stop child abuse and pornographic content on social media was the sheer failure of the Niazi government and the government should explain that for what PTA stands for. He said that the selected and his government is so helpless to check the flight of foreign currency from the country as Afghans have been buying dollars in hefty amounts from Pakistan, and the puppet government looked on.

The spokesperson said that the selected PM had in his speech given a message to the nation that he is above all criticism.

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