Male Champions of Change Pakistan commit to gender equality priorities for year ahead

ISLAMABAD – Members of the Male Champions of Change Pakistan held their quarterly meeting at Telenor Pakistan Campus 345 to further their commitment to achieve gender equality and accelerate the advancement of more and diverse women into leadership. Comprising 15 active members who lead approximately 55,000 employees across the nation, the Male Champions of Change Pakistan includes representatives from sectors including hospitality, consumer goods, telecommunications, retail, textile, financial services, information technology, microfinance, logistics, and media.
Founded in Australia, in 2010, the Champions of Change Coalition was extended internationally to Pakistan in 2018 with CEOs from Telenor Pakistan, Serena Hotels, PepsiCo Pakistan, and EY Ford Rhodes.
The quarterly Champions Meeting was attended by leaders from the private sector committed to the cause, including new Member CEOs from Jazz Pakistan, L’Oreal Pakistan, Interloop Limited, Swyft Logistics, Bank of Khyber and Liberty Mills.
Members expressed their commitment to create a fair, diverse, and inclusive world, shaped by empowered women in every industry. Members from companies including Swyft Logistics and Interloop committed to increase women’s employment rate up to 30% by 2025, and to play a bigger role in countering the challenges faced by women within and outside the workplace. Telenor Pakistan’s Irfan Wahab Khan spoke of his company’s leadership through delivering programs designed specifically for women to get back into the workforce after long breaks, increased representation in all job groups, and a fair, desirable working environment.
The members endorsed their Action Groups for 2022-23. In addition to continuing specific efforts on flexible work, gender-balanced recruitment and a gender-balanced public image, the leaders committed to new priorities such as addressing sexual harassment, everyday sexism / everyday respect and building champions beyond the CEO level, to create more inclusive workplaces.
Convenor of the Male Champions of Change Pakistan Group, Fiza Farhan commented on the occasion, “The Male Champions of Change Pakistan is a testament to the leadership and commitment of male leaders in the country to support women and create progressive workforces through positive change. I am delighted to see the group expand with promising practices emerging from the Coalition’s work that would enable all members to catalyse their journey towards being more diverse & inclusive organizations”.
Since inception, Male Champions of Change Members have embedded programs and targets which facilitate women’s workforce participation and progression in a number of ways across the country.


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