PMAA holds 5-day Women’s Self Defense Workshop at GCU

LAHORE – Pakistan Martial Arts Association (PMAA) and Government College University (GCU) Lahore have jointly conducted the five-day 9th Women’s Self Defense workshop at the GCU Lahore that concluded here on Friday.
The workshop was conducted by PMAA’s internationally-qualified instructors under supervision of PMAA chief trainer and mentor Anwar Mohiuddin. The female Ravians were taught empty-handed retaliation against a stronger assailant even if he was armed with sharp object or pistol. On the final day, Anwar taught them how to effectively intervene in case of a threat in Public Transport or in a car.
Sharing his views, PMAA chief Anwar Mohiuddin said, “The 21st century is not only a century of chaos but also a step-by-step story of dangers and emergencies. Nobody could deny the importance of self-defense training in such circumstances. Apart from preparing a person to deal with an unwanted situation, it creates a spirit of bravery through physical and mental training. As a result, the individual ready to face any danger at all times, self-defense for women in Pakistan is not acknowledged on large scale yet while it is need of the day. We use key techniques of Karate, Judo, Aikido and Krav Maga as a tool against bullying and social evils.”
GCU VC Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, who attended the inaugural and closing sessions, lauded the efforts of PMAA President Anwar Mohiuddin and Umer Sardar, advisor of Ravians Health and Sports Society, who organized this session.

“I am astonished to see these enthusiastic young girls who learned these survival tactics in a few days, this kind of training will be continued in GCU Lahore and other institutions should also consider holding Self Defense sessions,” he said and added: “Many organizations are working on women empowerment, which is good thing but we also think about safety of female students and working ladies.” In the end, the GCU VC and PMAA chief distributed certificates among the participants.


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