LG Secretary suspends officer for forging fake posting order as Administrator

HYDERABAD – The Sindh Secretary Local Government has put under suspension a BPS-16 officer Muhstaq Ahmed Soomro for forging a fake posting order as Administrator of the union committees and union councils of Hyderabad. According to the suspension order which was issued on Friday, Soomro not only forged the posting order but he also got its verification report and try to join the post. A Director of the LG Department has been directed to conduct an inquiry against the suspended officer. Earlier on March 14, Deputy Commissioner of Hyderabad Fuad Ghaffar Soomro wrote a letter to the Secretary LG to clarify the posting of Mushtaq because his office was not intimated in that regard. He also pointed out that the development funds were being utilised by the secretaries of the UCs without providing details of expenditures. He suggested that the LG Department as well as the Sindh Anti Corruption Establishment should conduct a probe over utilization of development funds in the UCs.

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