Cultural democracy

One is wanted to draw attention towards the prevailing political chaos by government and opposition, the latter wants to bring a no-confidence move against the incumbent PM. When there is only a year left for the elections why opposition wants to create unrest by this move. However, one is conceived in Pakistan there is a leadership crisis.

One cannot deny the crystal clear fact that procedural democracy in the absence of cultural democracy is not only unfavourable but also dangerous because democracy advocates for values like inclusiveness, coherence, and equitable societal ethos. In the absence of this ethos democratic process turns out to be counterproductive. Undoubtedly, the electoral procedure is important, the success of democratic culture depends upon its ability to inculcate values of tolerance, inclusivity, equity and rule of law.

For best democratic outcomes as a process, it is mandatory to implement it as a culture too. What is democracy as a culture? The answer is something that has been enriched in our societies for periods. Without having distinct democratic norms like justice, fairness, equality and liberty a society cannot claim to have democratic culture. Democracy as a culture teaches the public to be conscious of their rights and duties and make them vibrant and vigilant to promote democratic governments through their active participation.

We have long known that procedural democracy if deficient in democratic culture is something to install a political party in government only. Constitution and voting system which are the main pillars of procedural democracy no matter how carefully crafted if the lack in cultural democracy, certainly will be unable to teach the public to accept the existence of contrasting views and of politicians. The same is happening nowadays in Pakistan when opposing parties want to bring no-confidence moves against the current PM.

The countries which are having democratic cultures too are enjoying the fruits of their labour as they have evolved democratic norms from ancient times. If we take a cue from British democracy which is based on customs, it dates back to the Magna Carta 1215.

It is an evident fact that democracy does not nurture in a vacuum. It is significant, to instil democracy first boost-up political, social and economic setup. Certainly, by doing so democracy in Pakistan can promote good governance and assist to maintain public well-being.


Nankana Sahib.

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