Afghanistan crisis

After Taliban’s takeover, Afghanistan is suffering through numerous crises including poor health care system, brutally devastated educational system, lack of source of income for natives and people due to unavailability of proper clean and nutritious food are compelled starvation. Before Taliban’s invasion, Afghanistan’s 90% institutions and country organizations were supported by foreign aid, mainly America. The fundings allocated in regions of Afghanistan were synergetic in terms of disseminating income related consequences.

According to a report from World Food Organisation, only 2% of Afghan citizens have management for proper food resources and is estimated that, their ratio will decrease up to this coming winter.

Mainly, foreign aid and loans were blessings for poor suffering Afghan people but since decrement in foreign aid, public servants as teachers and clerks have not been paid for months. The main issue is now to find out a renewable and reliable source for money cave . People are forced to carry begging bowl to meet future circumstances. Incumbent Afghan government can be accused for missing of foreign aid. Citizens have left their homes and arrived in the capital city Kabul, where, they stay with their relative or rent some cheaper rooms.

Afghanistan crises is not a limited till its boundaries but it effects rest of humanity, number of victims is growing at rampant pace, rule of law has been transformed into law of jungle.



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