PPP ready for premature elections, says Khuhro

LARKANA     –    Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh President and Senator Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said on Thursday that the PPP was ready for premature elections in the country but the Constitution should be fully implemented.

“We want election reforms so that transparent elections can be made possible and no one can put a finger on elections as a result of electoral reforms,” he said in a statement. Khuhro said that Imran Khan had proved to be the enemy of the Constitution and of the people both inside and outside the Parliament.

He said that after the success of the no-trust motion, the new government would have come up with practical steps to bring relief to the people, but Imran Khan dissolved the assembly for enmity with the people. He said that Imran Khan crushed the people in the spiral of high prices and broke the assembly seeing defeat so that the new government could not give relief to the masses.

He said Imran Khan wanted to become a Hitler but we would not let him become a Hitler. He said that the process of rejecting the majority voice and majority decisions in the country was going to have dire consequences. He said that Imran Khan had pushed the country into crisis to satisfy his stubbornness and ego who claimed to be playing till the last ball but went out and pulled the pitch instead of competing.

Khuhro said that the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker are obliged to act under the Constitution under which they are bound to operate the House under the Constitution and the Rules.

 He said that any clash with the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker’s ruling could be declared unconstitutional and void and the court had suspended such rulings before, adding an example is the rejection of Speaker Fahmida Mirza’s ruling about Yousuf Raza Gilani on May 25, 2012.

He said that when a speaker or a deputy speaker allows a motion of no confidence, then the voting decision on the motion is to be made by the members and the resolution is the property of the House, therefore, the speaker cannot reject the motion.

Khuhro said that on March 28, the Deputy Speaker allowed Shehbaz Sharif to present the no-confidence motion which was to be voted in the 3rd April session within seven days but the Deputy Speaker rejected it unconstitutionally which the Deputy Speaker cannot because on the day of the voting only the speaker or the deputy speaker can count voting but can neither reject the resolution nor can any other business be brought.

Khuhro said that the constitution was supreme in the country and every institution should play its role under the constitution so that the country could be brought out of crisis. He said that Imran Khan was a supporter of the dictatorship and the dictatorship system so he was against democracy and the democratic forces. He said that in the elections, the people would show the stars of the day to Imran Khan and once again the people’s government

be established in the country.

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