No-Confidence Vote

The day has come and all the opposition parties collectively have submitted a document of no-confidence move against the sitting democratic prime minister of Pakistan.
The situation is going to be very painful for the Prime Minister as members from his own party have made a forward block to bring change in Punjab by defeating CM Punjab. The Prime Minister and the opposition both look confident and are claiming their victory by giving the status of numbers. So far, it is clear that Prime Minister is going through a tough phase of his life to avoid defeat. If the no-confidence move fails, there will be no chance for the opposition till 2028 but if it succeeds, the Prime Minister has to leave his position. It is a matter of numbers for now onwards for both to make a no-confidence move either successful or failure.
Media journalists and critics have divided views as far as this move is concerned. Some journalists believe that Imran Khan will complete his tenure while others have contradictory views. This motion will decide the future of Imran Khan. The coming two weeks will be crucial for the PTI-led government, to decide whether it will complete the tenure or the change is waiting in the house.

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