ANF seizes narcotics worth $352m in 50 operations

rawalpindi   –   The Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has carried out 50 counter narcotics operations countrywide and seized 3,929kg of narcotics besides impounding 29 vehicles and arresting 75 suspected including two female foreign smugglers, informed ANF HQ spokesman on Monday.

The value of seized drugs is said to be $352 million   in the international market. The ANF also seized drugs comprising of  262.53kg of heroin, 2992.556kg of hashish, 388.85kg of opium, 2.196kg of amphetamine, 104.9kg of ice, 1.3kg of cocaine, 109kg of morphine, 65kg of crystal and 2.672kg of suspected substance, he informed.

He said ANF Baluchistan recovered 1018.2kg in 8 operations while arrested 5 accused persons including 2 women and seized 2 vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 224kg of heroine, 519.6kg of hashish, 2.1 kg of opium, 98.5kg of ice, 109kg morphine and 65kg crystal.

ANF Punjab recovered 264.964 Kg drugs in 11 operations while arrested 21 persons including 5 women and 1 foreigner involved in drug smuggling and seized 5 vehicles. The seized drugs comprised of 13.8kg of heroin, 142.614kg of hashish, 105.6kg of opium, 1.650kg of ice and 1.3kg of cocaine.

KP ANF   recovered 1,012.122kg of drugs in 13 operations while arrested 17 persons involved in trafficking of narcotics and seized 9 vehicles. The seized drugs comprised of 1kg of heroin, 817.7kg of hashish, 186kg of opium, 4.750kg of methamphetamine (Ice) and 2.672kg of suspected Substance. ANF Sindh recovered 1,294.1kg of drugs in 4 operations while arrested 5 accused and seized 1 vehicle.

The seized drugs included 1kg of heroin, 1291.6kg of hashish and 1.5kg of opium.

ANF North recovered 339.618kg of drugs in 14 operations, arrested 27 persons including 3 women, 1 foreigner involved in drug smuggling and seized 12 vehicles. The seized drugs included 22.73kg of heroin, 221.042kg of hashish, 93.65kg of opium and 2.196kg of amphetamine.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF police stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are under process.

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