Domestic violence

Many women are victims of harassment and domestic violence, it’s increasing day by day, these are common issues in our society. Domestic violence can be verbal, physical and psychological. Parents feel that their fighting and violence don’t affect their children. Alas! The fact is their fights affect children’s minds badly; it causes their physical and psychological growth as well.
Domestic violence and family fighting can be a huge cause of a child’s fury, gloom and sadness. Domestic violence is not only harmful to a growing child, but it’s also harmful to a mother who is carrying a baby inside the womb.
Meanwhile, the children always have a negative impact of parents fighting and violence, where a male child learns how to fight and beat the opposite gender, and the female child learns how it could be expected. This causes the children to repeat the same cycles with their own children.
It’s a huge responsibility of parents to take care of their children. Parents can be huge supporters of their children. Then the children will learn how to become problem solvers rather than problem creators— if children only face violence then he/she may become aggressive.
Domestic violence is never justified- it is time to stand up against the violence. Teach children to compromise on small things, but never with self-respect, values, rules and dignity. This is the time to educate your children, no matter what gender, to be independent and self-centred. It’s time to bring peace and happiness in your home where children can grow the potential.
Being a parent it’s your role to support and encourage your children emotionally and financially, and not to crush their little dreams.

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