Technology conundrum

We as active people on social media must know how crimes can be done on cellphones or online ways. Undoubtedly, Technology is everywhere on this globe. However, it has even taken us back instead of taking us forward. Nowadays, people don’t help as they record on cameras. It has created laziness among youngsters. It became an additional tool that is used the most. People would rather use their mobiles instead of reading and discussing. On the other hand, it has taken us back from the stone age. Nowadays, using cell phones and access to computers and many others have made people indulge in crime. It is alarming.

In many cases, technical is used for interconnecting people together. However, few fake links about free laptops and scholarships are being sent to the public on social media. If one clicks such links, they reach a fake website. Simple and uneducated citizens share their personal information which leads unaware masses to blameful procedures.

Recently, I cleared my matriculation so I was planning to attend computer classes. I was in search of a laptop. My friend showed me a link of a free laptop scheme. I just clicked and shared my all information in order to get a laptop but I have not received any laptop yet.

The government needs to show efforts to stop it otherwise it will become a great threat. Federal investigation Agency (FIA) should immediately ban such links and share awareness among the public for knowing right or wrong. Additionally, citizens need to escape registering and forwarding such links on social media before clicking one must prove whether it is fake or fact.

  1. A. BALOCH,


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