SBTA, bleeding disorder community celebrate World Hemophilia Day

KARACHI – World Hemophilia Day was celebrated under the leadership of Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA) in collaboration with Hemophilia Welfare Society Karachi. World day is celebrated on April 17th each year however it was observed few days before here with the bleeding disorder community, said the statement released here on Friday. In this connection, an event was hosted by Dr. Durr E Naz Jamal, Director SBTA, under the World Hemophilia Federation’s 2022 World Hemophilia Day theme “Access for all: Partnership. Policy. Progress. Engaging your government, integrating inheriting bleeding disorders into national policy.” The event took place at the hall of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) provincial office Karachi, where bleeding disorder community was invited to show solidarity with them. Representatives from different healthcare organizations, non-governmental organization also joined the event. Speaking at the event Dr.Durr E Naz and her team briefed about SBTA’s advocacy efforts with the Govt. of Sindh to include Hemophilia in the yearly health budget. The team further shed light on SBTA’s relief efforts in collaboration with HWSK in order to increase the quality of life of the registered Hemophilia patients. Dr. Durr E Naz further added that “The Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority with HWSK’s collaboration, in just one year has successfully completed covid-19, measles, mumps vaccination drives directed specifically towards the bleeding disorder community. Not only this, the SBTA has also recently initiated a drive at the HWSK premises for the eradication of transfusion transmissible diseases like Hep-B, Hep-C & HIV which is wide spread amongst Hemophilia patients due to unstandardized blood screening measures,” she added.

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