Services of Christian community for development of country lauded

lahore   –   Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Principal Prof Dr Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has said that the outstanding services of the Christian Community in the fields of development, education and health in Pakistan cannot be forgotten, and in recognition of these services, the entire nation felicitates them on Easter.

He congratulated the Christian community on Easter and said such festivals promote religious harmony in the society. He said religious minorities have played an important role in the development and prosperity of the country and their services are praiseworthy.

“Pakistan belongs to all of us. People of different faiths enjoy equal rights and complete religious freedom in the country,” Prof Al-freed said.

He further added that the Christian staff of Lahore General Hospital (LGH) has always been in the forefront to provide quality healthcare to the patients and running the hospital in an efficient manner.

The PGMI principal while applauding the Christian community on the eve of Easter said that the Creator of all the humanity is one and the same. “So, the real happiness is in living together.”

LGH MS Dr Khalid Bin Aslam, Dr Laila Shafiq, Dr Abdul Aziz and other doctors were also present on the occasion.

Prof Al-freed while congratulating the Christian community on Easter added that the Easter festival comes after completion of 40 days of fasting by the Christian community. He said we should give priority to humanity first as every citizen of our dear homeland irrespective of his religion is a Pakistani and we all stand in the same line for the development and prosperity of the country.

The PGMI principal maintained that apart from health and education, the Christian community has also rendered historic services in national development, defence and judiciary. He also praised the services of Christian community in the medical field.

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