Did Imran discuss ‘American conspiracy’ in meeting with US officials, asks Rana Sana

ISLAMABAD – Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah Wednesday questioned former prime minister Imran Khan to answer the nation whether his Wednesday’s meeting with US officials was a conspiracy or interference. “Was American conspiracy discussed in the meeting with US Congresswoman Alhan Omar, the nation wants to know? Sana Ullah asked another query. He questioned, “Why is the one who calls the meeting of Americans with the opposition parties a conspiracy is now meeting with Americans after going into the opposition? What conspiracy is being hatched?”

“If you (Imran Khan) don’t tell the nation, I will investigate and the nation must know the truth,” Sana Ullah said. He said Imran Niazi would up with another letter a few days later. The one who incited the nation against America through a slogan ‘Absolutely Not’ in rallies said ‘Absolutely Yes’ to meet the Americans?


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