Dua Zehra case: Karachi police claim ‘tracing’ missing girl

KARACHI   –  In what can be termed the biggest breakthrough in Dua Zehra case, Karachi police on Monday claimed to have traced the 14-year-old girl missing for about a week.

Dua Zehra, a 14-year-old girl went missing from her neighbourhood in Karachi’s Alfalah Town last week. Now, Alfalah police have claimed that the missing girl has been ‘traced’ and is right now in “another province”.

Dua Zehra’s family had approached police, hours after she went missing from near her house in Alfalah Town, and had appealed through a number of channels including a welfare organisation to help them find their daughter.

Her father and mother even said that they will not take any legal action against the abductor if Dua Zehra is returned safely.

Police, however, are yet to reveal in which province the missing girl has been found. The police had earlier carried out a raid in Sanghar on a tip-off but only found another girl who was forcefully kept there.

‘No movement on camera’

Since Dua Zehra went missing, her father and mother had talked to a number of media channels and have revealed details about the mysterious disappearance which kept the whole nation on edge.

Her parents say she went out to throw away some trash bags at about 12:30pm from her first floor residence to a place in her alley but never returned.

“The place (where Dua Zehra went to place trash bags) is seconds away from my house and even some labourers were working there but they say they never saw her, a boy in neighbourhood claims he saw her returning towards her house but she never did,” her father told media.

The alley, where the family lives, for about 16 years, is too narrow for anyone to even come up with a four-wheeler.

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