Dua Zehra is free to go wherever she wants, Lahore court rules

A court in Punjab’s capital Tuesday ruled that Dua Zehra — the girl who mysteriously went missing from Karachi around 10 days back and was found today — was free to go wherever she wants.

Lahore Model Town Court’s Judicial Magistrate Tasawar Iqbal rejected the police request to shift the girl to Darul Aman after she was presented before the court hours after her video statement came to light.

Before announcing the verdict, the judge sent her husband, Zaheer, outside the courtroom to record her statement.

Dua told the judge that she was 18 years of age, came from Karachi to Lahore willingly, no one had kidnapped her, and she did not want to go to Darul Aman.

“I am safe, my life is not in danger,” Dua told the judge. Following this, the judge ordered that she be allowed to go “wherever she wants”, and the police let the couple go free.

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