Dua Zehra married on her own will, says video statement

KARACHI – The video statement of missing Karachi girl, Dua Zehra, has surfaced in which the teenage girl announced that she was married of her own will to Zaheer Ahmed. In a video message, Dua Zehra made stunning revelations about herself, saying she was not kidnapped and left home herself and married Zaheer Ahmed of her own will. The missing girl also claimed that her family was forcing her to marry someone else.

The teenage girl also blamed her parents for domestic violence and added that they were fixing her marriage with her cousin without her consent.

“I was not kidnapped. I left home because my family wanted me to marry someone else against my will,” she said in a video statement.

Dua Zehra also claimed that her father shared her age wrong. “I am not 14. I am an adult, my age is 18,” she added. The couple were reportedly staying at Zaheer’s uncle’s home. Earlier, the Karachi police claimed to have traced the 14-year-old girl.

The police said the girl married a man named Zaheer Ahmed in the Punjab capital, adding that the Lahore police would soon recover the girl and move her to Karachi.


Dua Zehra’s family had approached police, hours after she went missing from near her house in Alfalah Town on April 16, and had appealed through a number of channels including a welfare organization for help in finding their daughter.


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