PBF launches dialogue for revival of national economy

LAHORE – The Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) has launched a national dialogue with economists, investors, industrialists, businessmen and intellectuals across the country to formulate a common strategy in view of the deteriorating economic situation in the country. This exercise is aimed at formulating a comprehensive and workable policy in the light of the views of all concerned stakeholders. Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer, President of Pakistan Business Forum Lahore and Chairman of Retailer Pakistan, on the occasion of launching of the dialogue, said that this policy would be termed as “Meesaq e Muaeeshat” and the government would be urged to consider recommendations while formulating the official economic policy for effectively tackling the issues faced by the country. Ejaz said that we believe that fulfilling the dream of national economic sovereignty is the common responsibility of all of us and we must all work together to achieve this goal.

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