COVID-19 hospitalizations rise in US: NYT

WASHINGTON – COVID-19 hospitalizations have been rising across the United States, sparking anxieties about the strain on health care, The New York Times reported on Sunday. As of Thursday, an average of more than 18,000 people with COVID-19 were in hospitals around the nation, an increase of 20 percent from two weeks ago, said the U.S. media. “Though hospitalizations generally lag behind the trends in new cases, they remain among the most reliable kinds of data about the pandemic,” said the report, adding that the U.S. official reports of positive test results were “significantly” lower than the true number of infections. As of Thursday, the average number of new confirmed U.S. cases was almost 68,000 a day, nearly a 60 percent increase over the last two weeks, according to the database of the media.  Enditem.

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