PM says Imran wants to wind up democratic system

ISLAMABAD – Expressing serious concerns over the recent statements by former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Members of National Assembly (MNAs) through a resolution unanimously condemned the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman’s statement for giving a ‘twist to historical facts to malign the armed forces of the country’.

“Former prime minister twisted the historical facts to malign the armed forces of the country by giving an impression that they were conspiring against the country,” says the resolution, moved by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Javed Abbasi.

“Any attempt to malign a state institution for political gains is a disservice to Pakistan,” says the resolution, adding that Pakistan’s security forces are defending the country’s borders fearlessly and have given countless sacrifices while defending the country against the scourge of terrorism.

“Pakistan’s security forces are defending our borders fearlessly and have given countless sacrifices while defending the country against the scourge of terrorism. Any attempt to malign the state institutions for political gains as a disservice to Pakistan,” the resolution added.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Monday said the statement by PTI Chairman Imran Khan against a national institution was in fact a conspiracy against the country, which needed to be stopped immediately to avert chaos. The prime minister, in his address at the National Assembly, said if the situation was not controlled, Pakistan could meet a fate like that of Syria and Libya. He said the institution, which was now at the target of Imran Khan’s criticism and being referred to as Mir Jaffar by him, had extended unprecedented support to his government .


“If it was not stopped using constitutional and legal means, it can lead to chaos. He (Imran Khan) wants to wind up the democratic system. Notice should be taken of his remarks. This should be controlled, otherwise, no one will be spared,” he commented.


Shehbaz Sharif expressing serious reservations over the reference used by the PTI’s chief in his statement called for stopping defamatory language against the institution of the Pakistan Army and its leadership as per law of the land and Constitution.


“The use of objectionable language against the institution and its leadership is a conspiracy against the institution and must be stopped,” said the prime minister , observing that former prime minister went to the extreme low of ethics while calling  Army Chief and other military leadership as Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq who deceived Sirajuddullah in the struggle against the British Army.


He asserted that the country would head towards chaos and anarchy. The country will become Iran and Syria, he said,  if serious notice of Imran Khan’s defamatory language [being used by Imran Khan against Pakistan Army and its leadership]  was not taken as per law and Constitution of Pakistan.

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NA condemns ‘Imran’s attempt to malign a state institution for political gains’

Prime Minister commented that Imran Khan was fed milk by the institution for three and half years. “I am saying so without any fear of contradiction,” he said, mentioning Imran Khan was unfortunate that despite having unprecedented support of the institution, neither he learned nor he showed any performance or served the nation. “I use to say in lighter words that had we got twenty or thirty percent of such support, we should have taken the country to new heights,” he claimed.


Sharif also mentioned that Imran Khan used defamatory language against an institution which fed him for three and half years and extended unprecedented support to his regime in 75-year history of the country.

“Imran Khan’s government got such a big support of the institution which was never secured by any Government in the past and no other coming regime will receive in future,” he said.

About the foreign conspiracy, he said the National Security Committee (NSC) also maintained that it did not find a shred of conspiracy and the same was supported by then Pakistan ambassador to the United States who was called at the NSC sitting.

“But what more serious things which I am talking about his defamation of an institution by Imran Khan which is conspiracy against the state and not acceptable at all,” he said..

He said that they managed to get rid of an incompetent government in a constitutional way over three and half years back.

About load-shedding in the country on Eid-ul-Fitr as mentioned by PTI’s dissident member Noor Alam , Shehbaz Sharif said the Government will investigate the matter and submit a report in the House.


Earlier, the members of National Assembly strongly condemned Imran Khan for maligning state institutions while addressing a public meeting in Abbottabad the other day. They resolved that no one would be allowed to malign state institutions for political gains.


Soon after the speech of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf observed that any such attack on the state and security institutions launched with the purpose to weaken them was against the national interests.


“Whosoever utters such words, he/she negates the national interest. Our Constitution does allow anyone to launch such attacks on the armed forces or the judiciary.”


Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif said the words uttered by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman at the public meetings against the armed forces were extremely regrettable. He said the armed forces of Pakistan are the guarantors of country’s security, while Imran Khan is trying to create differences among the state institutions.


The defence minister said Imran Khan had nothing good on his credit to convince the people to support him. He said the former prime minister was making a futile effort to save his politics by using religious and anti-American cards.


Terming Imran Khan in the present scenario “Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq”, he said the PTI chairman was in the pain as all the state institutions were working within their constitution ambit.

Recently, Khawaja Asif said, political parties in the National Assembly brought an in-house change through a constitutional way, passing a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan. He said there should be a national consensus to defend the state institutions so that no one could dare to malign them. “Abuse of national institutions will not be tolerated,” he added.


The defence minister declared Imran Khan a security risk for the country. Former ministers and close aides of the former prime minister committed massive corruption, he added. He said the Parliament was the mother of democracy and it was a constitutional obligation of the whole nation to defend the state institutions.


Khawaja Asif said the past regime of PTI had ruined the national economy that caused unprecedented price hike of edible items, and now it was a collective responsibility of the coalition government to take required steps for providing instant relief to the common people and giving boost to economic activities in the country.


The House also passed another resolution to establish a task force under Dr Ramesh Kumar about implementation of the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding minorities’ rights.


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the general public can lodge their complaints on the toll free number 0800-73672 regarding violation of code and conduct on electronic media. Responding to a question during Question Hour in the National Assembly, she said Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has established an effective mechanism to check code of conduct on T.V and Radio broadcast.


Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Shazia Marri, at the end of proceedings, announced to grant right to appeal to those beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Programme, who were excluded by the last government. In her policy statement, on the floor of the House, she said BISP is the most effective social security network, but the previous government excluded around 8.5 million people by installing various exclusion filters and without giving the right to appeal.

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