Afghan refugees march for right to asylum in capital

ISLAMABAD – Scores of Afghan refugees are lying under the scorching heat without any shelter, food or medical supplies right in the heart of the capital while waiting for their asylum cases to be processed. Even though the government has rejected the idea of giving refugee status to migrating Afghans, these people continue to fight for their right to asylum.
Local citizens have now begun to voice their concerns and have expressed their apprehensions on social media requesting assistance by the local authorities so that these families accompanied by children and the elderly could at least be provided with shelter and some essentials.
According to the foreign office, the government of Pakistan has been issuing about 700-1000 visas to Afghans so they could use Pakistan’s soil to proceed with asylum and relocation to other countries. Most of these individuals come from educated backgrounds and have expressed grief and disappointment towards the international community for neglecting their plight and their rights as humans. They believe that treachery has been committed with the laws of humanity and that their biggest ally i.e., The United States of America has deserted them when they are in dire need of help.
Hundreds marched on the Ataturk Avenue on Saturday demanding the UN High Commission for Refugees in Pakistan take action and come to their aid. With around 600 people and no medical aid, the disease is imminent, and children have started falling sick, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the capital. Local authorities need to take some action soon. Unfortunately, even the UNHCR has turned a blind eye towards them. As days pass by, hope is dying in this Afghan camp located in the posh sector F-6.

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