Punjab govt removes advocate general

LAHORE   –   Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz on Tuesday signed a summary to remove the advocate-general of Punjab Ahmed Awais, but the latter insists he could not be removed by the chief minister.

In a summary sent to the Punjab governor, Hamza Shehbaz has advised sacking of the advocate-general with immediate effect. In the same document, the chief minister has also advised the additional attorney-general of Punjab Akhtar Javaid to serve as the advocate-general till the appointment of a new advocate general.

However, the said summary is lying in the Governor House for signatures of the governor. According to sources, the concerned staff from the Governor House reached the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday and sought signatures of Ch Parvez Elahi on the charge report as well as the summary regarding removal of the advocate general. But the speaker refused to sign both the documents.

Also, Ahmad Awais addressed a news conference here to explain the legal position about his removal. He maintained that he could not be removed without approval of the governor.

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