Imran’s consistent lies annoy public: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD   –   Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb Thursday called out Imran Khan Niazi for compulsively lying in the public saying he might not be tired of repeating his lies, but are people now annoyed with his lies.
“Who got caught doing illegal foreign funding worth billions of rupee, how boldly and arrogantly he was lying about the foreign conspiracy,” she said in a news statement while reacting to the address of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan at Attock. She castigated Imran for hurling accusations on others while being an “established money launderer in the foreign funding case.” “The person, who stole sugar, flour, ghee and Liquefied Natural Gas in the last four years, now trying to cover up his sins by telling lies everyday,” she maintained.
The minister said when the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawas left the government in 2018 after completing its constitutional term, the country was exporting sugar and wheat, while when he was ousted from the power by the masses, the country was importing those commodities. It was the state in which Imran left the agriculture sector, she added. The farmers went from pillar to post for the fertilizer in the tenure of Imran, she said while blasting him for being the reason of their miseries. In the era of Imran Sahib, the price of a DAP sack reached to Rs10,000 from Rs 2600, she said, asking the PTI chief “is it the progress, you have given to the agriculture sector.” Marriyum said the people had not forgotten that in the tenure of Imran Khan, the price of flour had jumped to Rs 90 from 35 per kg, while of the sugar, it was reached to Rs 120 from Rs 52 kg. In the four years of Imran-led government, the debt of Pakistan had risen to Rs 43,000b, she said, adding this was the economic gift he had given to the country. The dollar rate against rupee reached to Rs191 from Rs120 and he was lying today that he left economy in good shape, she said and asked him to whom he was be-fooling. The minister said the people could not forget the dark era of Imran which was marred by historic inflation, all-time high debt, extreme poverty and hunger.
She, referring to Imran Khan, said the people of Pakistan had rejected “compulsive liar” and “incompetent thief”.

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