Violation of IMF’s agreement led to surge in Dollar rate, says Miftah Ismail

Federal Minister for Finance Miftah Ismail on Friday has said that the current surge in the US dollar and inflation is the result of violation of agreement between Imran’s government and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

On the stock market slump and uncertainty, Miftah Ismail said that the current government can only be able to counter the US dollar surge and uncertainty in the stock market unless we get out of the clutches of Imran Khan’s agreements with IMF.

The Finance Minister further added that it is not an easy task to bring back how Imran Khan has left the economy and the subsidy given by the former government on petrol has put severe pressure on the economic situation of Pakistan. No government can handle such a huge loss, he added.

Miftah while lashing out at Imran Khan said that if the government does not have money and still gives subsidies then more loans have to be taken and that is the reason for the current severe economic pressure.

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