Jirga demands reopening of border crossings

KHAR    –    A Jirga in Bajaur tribal district here on Friday demanded the government and security forces to reopen the trade routes with Afghanistan in the area.

The Jirga, organised by Awami National Party, was attended by local elders and activists of various political parties. Those who spoke on the occasion included ANP Bajaur president Gul Afzal, PPP’s central working committee member Akhunzada Chattan, ANP central working committee member Sheukh Jehanzada, Bajaur chamber of commerce president Lali Shah, PPP district president Haji Sher Bahadur and local Maliks.

Speakers on the occasion the speakers demanded the government to reopen the border crossings at Ghakhi Pas and Nawa Pas and Lethai Pas in the tribal district in order to let people earn through trade with Afghanistan.

ANP Bajaur president Gul Afzal Khan said that Pakhtuns living on both sides of the border were facing problems, including financial, due to the sealing of the border points.

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