Mercury touches 45°C in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD    –   Like other cities in the country, normal life in Hyderabad was paralyzed due to extreme hot weather on Friday where the temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius. The district administration has made arrangements for cold water in different parts of the city to protect the people from the scorching heat while the hospitals have taken steps to provide medical facilities to the heat-affected people. The scorching heat has significantly reduced the rush of people in the city’s bazaars and business centers, while police personnel were instructed to take special care while on the roads. Prolonged power outage during hot weather by HESCO has further intensified the effects of heat wave, causing severe hardship to the people. According to Met office sources, temperature was recorded at 45°C in Hyderabad on Friday which badly affected normal life in the city and its adjoining areas.

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