Coalition govt ‘not in a mood to fight’ with PTI

Opening of Chashma-Jhelum link unfair at time of Sindh water shortage



HYDERABAD   –  Federal Minister Syed Khursheed Shah has said opening of the Chashma-Jhelum link canal was unfair at a time when Sindh was facing shortage of water.

Talking to the media here on Saturday the minister told that a team of experts from Punjab and Sindh was being sent to check the water releases. He informed that he was trying to establish coordinators at all the barrages in the country.

“We need to provide water to Hyderabad, Badin, Thatta and other districts. It’s very difficult to provide water for irrigation as currently, we are trying to provide drinking water,” he said. The minister blamed former prime minister Imran Khan for attacking the constitution and tampering with its provisions.

“Despite such attacks we [the ruling coalition] are still doing politics today and we aren’t in a mood to fight,” he said. Shah underlined that the government’s priority was to address Pakistan’s economy and other problems. “I have the water ministry and a shortage currently exists in all four provinces. We need to give attention to these problems,” he said.

According to him, Khan was making fun of himself before the country and the people. He observed that some people think that he is holding large public meetings and that reflects his political strength.

“But the fact is that in our country a lot of people even gather to see dancing monkeys,” he said.He underscored that the country’s constitution, law and institutions were supreme and prayed that they last forever.

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