The corruption narrative

Imran Khan, posing as the police, jury and judge, declared the friend of his spouse innocent who is accused of money laundering and possessing wealth beyond her means. Imran Khan’s judgment is based on the logic that the accused lady was in the real estate business for the last 20 years and she, like others in the real estate business has made a windfall profit.

From the very launching of his political career, the narrative of Imran Khan was and is based on the corruption of the majority of the leadership of ruling parties. All these leaders too have well-established businesses. PM-LN leadership ran the Ittefaq foundation for a long time before joining politics. BB and Zardari owned large landholdings, sugar mills and assorted other businesses. Like PML-N, PPP leaders also possessed properties and thriving businesses before their entry into politics. Then why did Imran Khan overlook this and continued to hit hard on the leadership of the mainstream parties, calling them looters, plunderers, thieves and whatnot? The wise way for Imran Khan should have been to wait and let the law take its own course.



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