Bilawal calls for ‘difficult decisions’ to overcome economic crisis

KARACHI – Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Sunday said that former prime minister Imran Khan wanted every institution to become a part of his tiger force.


Addressing a crowd on his arrival to Karachi for the first time since joining Shehbaz Sharif’s cabinet, the PPP chairman congratulated his supporters for their victory in removing the PTI government from power.


“Democracy has won, all four provinces have won. We have sent the selected, puppet and incompetent prime minister home,” said Bilawal.


He added that his supporters started their movement when Imran Khan came to power. “We were standing against this undemocratic person since day one. We looked into his eyes and said you were not elected but selected. We faced injustice but did not sell our principles,” said Bilawal.


Bilawal Bhutto also said that the time had come to take ‘difficult decisions’ for Pakistan’s benefit to rescue it from the current economic crisis.

“Now the time has come to take those difficult decisions in the country’s favour so we can take it out of an economic crisis,” the foreign minister said.


FM Bilawal said the government had two options in front of it: to maintain short-term relief and thrust the people into long-term problems, or “we bear short-term pain and arrange long-term relief.”

“We have to take those difficult decisions through which we can take the economy out of the crisis created by [Imran] Khan,” the PPP chairman said, adding that solutions could be found by working together.

Bilawal said the nation was facing “war-like” issues and difficulties and various political opponents had come together in the “unity government” to take responsibility and resolve them.

“Did you ever think we would be part of the cabinet and run the government with Shehbaz Sharif? Did you ever imagine that we would sit with MQM and do this?” the PPP chief asked.

He explained that personal and political differences were forgotten during times of hardship in favour of “national interest”. FM Bilawal added that allied political parties would pursue reforms and work hard to deliver relief to the people.

The foreign minister said the conspiracy to oust the PTI government was not hatched inside the White House, as claimed by Imran, but was prepared inside Bilawal House.

Lashing out at Imran, Bilawal rubbished the PTI chief’s claim that his government was ousted through a foreign conspiracy at the behest of the United States.

“Now this selected says it was a foreign conspiracy. It’s not a foreign conspiracy, it was a democratic action. It was the struggle of PPP workers, it was the success of Constitution and parliamentary democracy,” FM Bilawal said.

“The PPP is ready for elections as soon as we bring in election reforms and act on the Charter of Democracy,” FM Bilawal said in today’s rally.

He added that the PPP had already shown what it could do as the third biggest political party in the country and it would show in the future “what else can be done when we will be the biggest party in parliament”.

Lashing out at Imran, Bilawal said the former premier’s “lies and propaganda” would have to be combated. “Khan sahab wants the rule of the jungle and doesn’t believe in the rule of law or democracy … but this effort of his will be wasted and the people will win,” the foreign minister said.

He added that there would be accountability for constitutional violations by the PTI chairman, adding that a parliamentary commission would be formed on the issue.

The foreign minister also condemned the events during Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Saudi Arabia, when political slogans were chanted against members of his cabinet in the Prophet’s Mosque, adding that said such “filthy politics” could not be tolerated.

Bilawal said Imran and the PTI should “ask [for] forgiveness” for the events in Madina. He also criticised the PTI chairman’s recent critical remarks regarding “our institutions”.

“Imran is playing a dangerous game with the country’s destiny and the federation. A conspiracy is being brewed up against the constitutional system.  “But we have thwarted plans from Bani Gala before and this scheme will fail as well. We will establish a national government after implementing reforms and elections,” the PPP chairman said.


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