Past in Perspective

“Thats what we need going into the millennium.
We need some positive, happy stuff.”
–Richard Simmons

Catnip is also known as Nepeta cataria and it is a plant that is part of the mint family. It is native to Europe and Asia and is thought to have an active ingredient by the name of nepetalactone. This ingredient is an oil that is thought to spawn unusual behavior in cats and can primarily be found in the leaves and stems alone. It was first discovered in 1941 from catnip essential oils and ever since, it has been a common treat to give to felines. It is also used for medical purposes for cats because it is said to reduce the effects of pain, stress and anxiety. While there is no clear evidence that suggests when this practice of giving cat catnip began, it is highly likely that Egyptians were the first people to give their pet cats this plant.

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