PTI seeks security protocol for Imran at Islamabad airport

ISLAMABAD – In the milieu of a purported plot to assassinate him, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has demanded of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to provide him security protocol at the Islamabad International Airport as he has to travel widely for attending the PTI public rallies across the country.

The PTI Chairman secretariat has written a letter to the Civil Aviation Authority, requesting it to provide security detail to be given to the former prime minister at the Islamabad airport in the backdrop of the alleged threat to his life. The letter underscored the scope of threats the former premier is allegedly facing after his government’s removal.

Letter written to Civil Aviation Authority seeks security details to be given to former prime minister

The PTI secretariat sought CAA authorities’ permission to allow Imran Khan to use the highly secured China Gate for his arrival and exit at the Islamabad Airport. According to the sources, the Airport Security Force (ASF) has also been asked to provide security to ex-PM Imran Khan. It is to mention here that in his address to a public rally in Sialkot on Saturday, PTI Chief Imran Khan had claimed that a conspiracy was being hatched to murder him and that he had recorded a video statement detailing the names involved in this plot. The former premier said he had placed his recorded video on the conspiracy at a secure place and this video would surface if something bad happens to him, adding that he had mentioned all the names of the people behind this conspiracy in the recorded video.


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