Incidence of heatstroke increasing due to global warming and pollution

LAHORE   –   The incidence of heatstroke is increasing due to global warming and increasing pollution.

As the temperature rises, the body’s internal systems are affected. Especially people who have been suffering from a disease for a long time are more prone to heatstroke.

People with heatstroke have a sudden drop in blood pressure, which can lead to weakness. These views were expressed by Dr. Israr-ul-Haq Toor, Associate Professor of Medicine and Dr. Muhammad Maqsood, Assistant Professor, Lahore General Hospital (LGH). On this occasion, medical experts said that summer ailments include fever, headache, fever, loss of appetite, food poisoning, seizures, anxiety, dysentery, cholera and jaundice. Avoid rotten fruits and vegetables also and do not use food that has been lying in the fridge for a long time, as it can also cause germs and make you sick. Dr.Israr Toor and Mr. Maqsood further said that when going outside in the current heat wave, wear sunglasses to protect from the sun and wash your face with cold water 5 to 6 times a day and put water on your eyes.  Pedestrians must use head covering or umbrella.  They added that people suffering from heatstroke may faint or have seizures after their body temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. Causes of heatstroke include hot and dry weather, strenuous exercise without drinking water in extreme heat, dehydration, dehydration. They maintained that special care should be taken by the elderly people who are suffering from heart disease.

When going out of the house, keep water with them and wear light colored clothes. Do not let children out, especially in the hot sun.

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