The waving demagoguery

Demagoguery, a transitional concept, is again on the rise today. It is a type of discourse which can be adopted by anyone who wants to persuade someone. Freedom of speech provides them with the opportunity to achieve their goal with ease. It is adopted by politicians around the world for elevating their chances of attaining their aims.

Demagogues make big promises and show the image of an ideal world. Most of the international political figures (M. L. Pen, V. Orban, J. Bolsonaro, R. Duterte, R. T. Erdogan, D. J. Trump, and V. Putin) are accused of it, in a negative way. There are only a few who strengthened the institutions and eradicated poverty.

A study was conducted, in the Pakistani context, to analyse whether Pakistani politicians have used demagoguery. It was found that Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi (the 22nd premier of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) has used a majority of the techniques in his campaigns in 2018. Those techniques included reiteration, vituperation, scapegoating, sentimentalism, anti-intellectualism, lust for power, assailing a corporate body, and taking advantage of men and issues. Hence, according to Martha Haun’s (1971) theory he is no less than a demagogue. People should be aware that anything repeatedly said is actually drilling the material inside their minds. The way politicians express themselves should be very formal. They represent the state internationally, that is why disrespectful, controversial language should be avoided. A leader should be a realist.






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