PCB announces increase in pension of retired cricketers

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Thursday announced good news for retired cricketers.

The Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja while announcing an increase of one lakh rupees each in the pension of all the players said that the honor of former cricketers is the honor of PCB.

Further talking about it, he said the pension of retired players in the first category has been increased from Rs. 54,000 to Rs. 154,000. In the second category, pension increased from Rs. 48,000 to Rs. 148,000 and in the third category, the pension has increased from Rs 42,000 to Rs 142,000.

He also added that in case of the death of the retired cricketer, his wife could receive his pension.

Retired players’ pensions will also be increased annually in line with inflation, he said.

Ramiz Raja mentioned that PCB already has a benevolent fund for the welfare of former players. Retired cricketers can also avail this fund if they wish.

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