PM Office has no value before my eyes: Imran

GUJRANWALA – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan said Wednesday that the families of police and army personnel will also take part in his upcoming protest match towards Islamabad to remove what he said the ‘imported government’ that came to power through a US-backed conspiracy.

Addressing a huge public meeting, Imran said the policemen would also send their family members with the protesters and government employees will [do the same] as well. “And I know my army’s families will also come with us to Islamabad,” he added.


Imran Khan also said that he would unveil the date of his long march during a rally in Multan on Friday and hoped he would win the ‘fight for real independence’ in Islamabad this month.

Imran called on women, children and the elderly to participate in the march. He said he was calling the people to Islamabad to foil the “American conspiracy” and send a message to all the conspirators that Pakistan is ‘free nation.’


“This isn’t politics, this is revolution,” Imran said, adding that the “biggest dacoits and mafias” of the country were standing on one side and the nation on the other. “This is called revolution when the people become a nation and then we [can] combat these mafias who suck our blood. [We] will badly defeat them.”


The PTI chairman lashed out at Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, accusing him of “polishing boots” of officials from the US Embassy. “When he sees the army boot, he polishes them [with such vigour] that he sees his own reflection,” Imran said about PM Shehbaz, referring to his alleged appeasing of the military establishment.

Imran said PM Shehbaz and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif were “trapped”. “There is an ocean in front of them and Imran Khan is standing behind them.” He claimed that the PML-N’s time was up and a “sea of people” would soon enter Islamabad and sweep them away.


Imran said the prime minister would not be able to escape the cases against him in the Federal Investigation Agency. “As soon as you go [from the prime minister’s seat], the investigation will start and we will take money from you and throw you in jail,” he added.

Imran claimed that PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari was “very happy” that PM Shehbaz and the PML-N were drawing everyone’s ire. “Indeed, Zardari ‘you are bhaari (dominant)’ over PML-N and taking good revenge,” he said.

On the Supreme Court’s verdict on a presidential reference seeking interpretation of Article 63-A of the Constitution which is related to the status of defecting lawmakers, Imran said it was “necessary” for him to pay tribute to the apex court for “wiping out lotay (turncoats)”. He said that Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz would have to abdicate his office after the court’s ruling.


He said that he neither bowed before anyone in a servile manner nor will let the people of Pakistan do that. Khan also commented on his ouster and said that the office of the prime minister had no value before his eyes.

Khan said that his government reduced petrol prices and also the prices of “Fazlur Rehman (diesel)”, adding that the government provided relief to the masses when the inflation was rising globally.

He also said that his government helped the farmers and they benefitted the most during the two years of the PTI government.

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