ECP sets up 20,159 display centres to verify provisional voter lists

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has set up 20,159 display centers across the country for the publication of preliminary electoral rolls for the general election.

Of these, 12,037 display centres have been established in Punjab, 3,609 in Sindh, 3,040 in khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 1,473 in Balochistan.

The display centers would remain open from May 21 to June 19, 2022.

The display centres have been set up across the district in government buildings, especially government-run educational institutions.

Display centres would help enabling voters to check their names in the preliminary lists.

The basic aim of displaying these lists was to provide an opportunity to people to get theirs and their family s votes registered in their respective areas in case they were not enlisted in preliminary lists. They can verify their names and see if their Computerised National Identity Cards were registered correctly, and in case of any mistake they can correct it within the specified time frame.

If an eligible person s vote was not registered, he can register his vote according to the permanent or temporary address of the Computerised National Identity Cards.

The name of irrelevant person or deceased person could be removed from preliminary voter lists, besides address written in CNIC could also be corrected in voter lists.

Government employees and their families can register and transfer their votes to a temporary address.

In addition to display centers, the forms were available with offices of District Election Commissioners, Assistant Registration Officers and on the Election Commission s website at

If anyone wanted to raise an objection over inclusion or exclusion of a name then he or she would have to submit an application through form-16 of the ECP.

For correction of address as per CNIC, the voters would have to submit the application through form-17 available at the display centre.

It was the duty of every citizen to get his or her vote registered in the lists.The Election Commission was committed towards providing an opportunity to each and every citizen to vote.

The Election Commission would register votes as per the address mentioned in identity cards.

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