CDA’s legal advisor appearing in courts against federal govt

ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority has landed into another trouble as its legal advisor is not only appearing in courts of law along with opposition leaders against federal government but also furthering the political agenda of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in front of the media.
Syed Muhammad Ali Bokhari—an advocate of the Supreme Court was engaged by CDA about a year ago. He is drawing a hefty amount on a monthly basis from the public exchequer in addition to charging prescribed fees in each case assigned to him by the civic authority.
Furthermore, he is also using an official vehicle allocated to him along with driver and fuel while he is also given an office in CDA headquarter and given the required staff as well.
It is no secret that he was appointed to this position due to his political affiliation with the previous government of PTI. He had served as vice president of PTI in Islamabad’s chapter.  He was earlier appointed as Chairperson Council of Complaints PEMRA, a Member of the Board of the Directors of PTV and a technocrat member of the Islamabad Local Government Commission.
However, after the departure of the previous government from power, to prove his loyalty with PTI, he is not only appearing in courts of law against the federal government but was also witnessed doing press conferences along with former ministers of PTI.
As for instance, he had appeared in the Supreme Court in a delimitation case on behalf of PTI and he was also present in a press conference alongside former Minister for Information Fawad Hussain Chaudhry and his brother Fasial Chaudhry.
When contacted by The Nation for his comments, he said I am not a regular employee of CDA and working there on contract. He said I am appearing before the courts as the legal counsel of the former ministers.  Replying to a question that it is not his moral duty to first step down from a government position and then plead political cases against the government, he said, “I don’t think so, as I am a lawyer and anybody can engage me.”
A former legal advisor of CDA on the condition of anonymity has maintained that it is unethical that he is appearing against the government by using perks and privileges given by the CDA.
“Appearing before courts is his right but he should resign from the position,” he said, adding, “If it is not a question of legality even then it is at least a question of morality.”
The government was in a fix and could not change the law officers appointed by the previous government but the process was initiated on Wednesday when it removed the advocate general of Islamabad and appointed a new one.
A spokesperson of the CDA, Syed Asif Shah while responding on the issue said that it is the domain of the Ministry of Law to appoint or remove a legal advisor and he would be removed when it is appropriate for the government as the civic authority has no role in the process.

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