Challenges for the new government

The challenges that the new government has to brave are multifarious and indeed crippling. These include economic problems, foreign policy issues, civic issues, developmental issues and, above all, making the lives of the common man worth living in terms of relief measures. Every citizen of the society is awaiting new changes in the political system.

However, the living conditions of the impoverished segment of society are in shambles and quite pitiful. The new government has to look after them by bringing the austerity measures and by reducing the prices of daily commodities.

Given the current economic conditions of the country, the new government has to take some drastic and stern challenges to get rid of this economic crisis. The jacking up of petrol and diesel prices will further ruin the lives of the common man who are living below the poverty line. This burden would further intensify the sufferings of poor people who are unable to eat two square meals in these hard times of unabated inflation. Although this rise in gasoline and diesel prices has a direct impact on public transport fares which will soar to skyrocketing prices.

The current economic crisis is the leading challenge for the new set-up to redress it at any cost as it is making the livelihoods of the people worse with each passing day. Economic stabilization is vital for a country’s prosperity and development and the incumbent government needs to shift its focus now on stabilizing it from its roots.

It is to be hoped that this government will work to uplift o the poor community and empower them through relief measures and strategies and will tackle all the longstanding challenges of the country with sheer determination and resilience without indulging in blame games, which is the root cause of all challenges the country is going through at present.



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