Commissioner visits remote areas of Cholistan to inspect relief activities

BAHAWALPUR – Commissioner Bahawalpur Division Jahangir Anwar Raja visited remote areas of Cholistan including Channan Peer and Gharkan to review relief activities today.

He inspected the arrangements for the supply of clean drinking water, vaccination of livestock and supply of medicines for the treatment of Cholistani people and their livestock.

Deputy Commissioner Bahawalpur Irfan Ali Kathia, Assistant Commissioner Yamzan Mujahid Abbas, District Emergency Officer Baqir Hussain, and District Health Officer Khalid Channar accompanied him.  Commissioner visited water supply line at Gharkan and the medical and veterinary camp at Channan Peer. Deputy Commissioner Irfan Ali Kathia briefed Commissioner that 12 water bowsers are supplying water to remote areas of Cholistan along with water supply line. As many as 6 medical camps have been set up in addition to existing Basic Health Units and Rural Health Units.


He told that an adequate amount of medicines were available at medical and veterinary camps.


He told that 12 mobile units of Livestock Department were operating in Cholistan for vaccination of livestock. Commissioner directed uninterrupted supply of water to Cholistani people and their livestock.


He said that medical and veterinary staff present at camps should take good care of residents of Cholistan and their livestock.


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